Time is short - we need you to win!

Time is short - we need you to win!
An important note asking you to continue to pray for our LIVE three-day online telecast to Vietnam – NEVER QUIT. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to permeate every part of this ground-breaking telecast.

Imparting the "spirit of a father" is a critical ministry component in a fatherless nation. Paul wrote, "You have ten thousand instructors, but not many fathers." CMN is not a "program" but a movement that engages, equips and empowers leaders. 

We’re blessed to have great friends like Dr. Rob Carman, Doug Stringer, Ps. Tom Lane (Gateway Church), Venshard Dobbins (Bishop TD Jakes’ men’s pastor), Ps. Sam Masteller from Freedom Life in Pennsylvania, Bruce Binkley, Jesus Puntos and Robert Kalatschan speaking to the pastors and leaders of VietNam. What an amazing group of fathers in the faith. This will be tremendous.

As with any major initiative, there is a large financial investment that must be made. We still have a gap to cover the expenses of book translation and the technology infrastructure being put in place for online training.

Please pray about your part in closing the gap. 

Vietnam is a country that has tremendous influence throughout Southeast Asia and we need you on this journey with us. Changing the heart of a man changes the soul of a nation. The door is wide open, we just have to walk through it.

We’ve made great progress thanks to great friends and partners. Now, we only need 200 men to give $50, or 40 to give $250, or 20 to give $500, or 10 to give $1000. Be part of that. Be the man who makes a difference.


Imagine what that will look like to pour jet fuel on the powerful men’s movement launching across the nation of Vietnam – and reaching into all of Southeast Asia! Great things happen when we work alongside each other as brothers - when we’re strong in our gifts and callings.