Monday Night Men

It’s a new year! Time to recover from 2020 and take full advantage of the possibilities and potential of 2021.


Beginning Monday, January 11, we will engage thousands of men on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and every social media platform with the powerful book POWER OF POTENTIAL.

Today’s environment requires practical, workable solutions that are practiced by the world’s top champions and leaders. This study will become your answer to everyday problems and also to the huge crises we as men sometimes face.

The global broadcast of POWER OF POTENTIAL will energize men by the power of the Holy Spirit into greater anointing. Join us as we stream on YouTube at the ChristianMensNetwork. Join the group on Facebook at CMN MONDAY NIGHT MEN.

More than two million men have completed Power of Potential training and solved personal problems, increased their business, and improved their careers.

During this intensive you will learn:

  • One thing you must have for great achievement.
  • The biggest enemy that stops men from being their best.
  • How to find a pattern and purpose.
  • The two “leading dominoes” required to set a successful course.
  • Five times when men are required to use courage.
  • The pivotal point every man must reach to avoid ruin.
  • To reach goals, the attribute more important than hard work or talent.
  • How to change methods but retain the most essential ingredient in success.
  • The four levels of knowledge.
  • The three limiting factors in every man’s life.
  • The difference between conviction and condemnation.
  • Three levels of knowing God.
  • The one way a man can tell the depth of love.
  • Partaking of this one thing will bring down any man.
  • Three reasons a man doesn’t give.
  • The one similarity between an offering and an altar call
  • And a ton more, as we answer questions and share ideas from brothers who are searching for answers just like you.

    Here’s what you can do right now to prepare:

    Men are gathering 3 guys, 12 guys, as many as 50 men to watch together and meet up after to discuss, pray, and support one another. So, reach out to your brothers to get your group together. Or do a Zoom call with your guys - it's a plan to engage all your men!

    Order your books and workbooks to have them in time for our first session. ORDER HERE

    GRAB  a friend, bring your guys together, and join your brothers on YouTube at the Monday Night Men’s Intensive starting January 11, as we study THE POWER OF POTENTIAL!