Monday Night Men

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The call to men who want to be champions. A daring challenge to young men who want to be a success in life. A rousing cry for mature men to come alive again!

From the acrid streets of New York to the arid deserts of Namibia to the airless mountains of Nepal, men worldwide, both young and old, are fighting a war waged against them, both physically and spiritually. Learn how to fight an enemy that would emasculate your manhood, shame your God-given ambitions, mock your ego-mastery and try to make you a wimp.

More than ever before in history, young men today must be trained to be men and have the courage to live in that manhood. If you have the guts to do more than wallow in a moral morass of mediocrity, this book is for you!

“A nation rebels against the heavenly Father because it does not know what an earthly father is. Edwin Louis Cole is a role model for generations.” -- Doug Stringer, Somebody Cares International

Don’t waste your youth. Live your God-given dreams. This book will train you in manhood, in responsibility, in maturity and in warfare.



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