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Commissioned men, who have completed nine books of the Majoring in Men® curriculum, are eligible to enter a new dimension. Click here and provide your commissioning details and we'll connect you into the Brotherhood.

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Review your 2022 goals

The brotherhood of CMN has unleashed a mission to the nations that is gaining momentum and leading men to Christ. We are focused on results.

The Dangerous Nations outreach goals for this year are to reach men in terrorist-besieged and impoverished areas—specifically, in the darkest places in nations such as the Philippines, India, and Pakistan. And continuing our successful work in VietNam, Iran, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan.

“Decisions translate into energy” 

It’s true. When we seek God for wisdom, make the decision, meditate on it, write it down - we set into motion the next step - and our destiny.

Stop - think about it—what are your large goals?

Now - what have you decided will happen in 2022 toward that?

Act —what small step could you make today to move closer? 

“Wisdom is the principal thing,” the Proverb states. Don’t live under the bondage of resolutions. Stop - think -...

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