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Commissioned men, who have completed nine books of the Majoring in Men® curriculum, are eligible to enter a new dimension. Click here and provide your commissioning details and we'll connect you into the Brotherhood.

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Time to look at the results

I trust your summer season is filled with His presence and hope.

Big question for you ..

When you work out - what do you want?
When you've worked hard on a sale - what do you want?
When you have discipled your family - what do you want?


Yep - you want to see results.

That's why the Majoring in Men process for discipling men in Christ is so very powerful.

It gets results.

The results speak for themselves - when men are engaged, churches see a 20% increase in:

- Salvations
- Growth
- Volunteers 
- Giving

Consider this. 

The #1 factor for a child to keep attending church as an adult is the father’s church attendance when children are young. If a father does not attend, no matter how faithful the mom is, only one child in 50 will become a regular worshipper. 

Here's the path to results.

The Majoring in Men Foundations online comprehensive...

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