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Change a Man - Change the World

Strong Men.
Strong Families.
Strong Churches.

Together, we're taking CMN into regions of religious warfare, where terrorists take prisoners and burn churches. Following up the powerful success of discipleship broadcasts into Vietnam and Iran, we are now pushing into the most difficult areas of the Philippines and India. These are places you and I would never be able to set foot in - but because of our local partners on the ground and your generosity - we will be there in the power of the name of Jesus, in their own language.

Important: Every 180 minutes…a Christian is killed for his faith. Every day…ten Christians are unjustly imprisoned, more than 25 church facilities are attacked. Every day terrorist jihad groups attract 67 disaffected young men to join their ranks.

In the next few months, we've targeted the toughest regions of India and Philippines. Places that are dangerous to preach the Gospel. We'll help pastors and leaders build strong men, strong families, and strong churches in places where they face increasing persecution, prison, beatings, and for some, death.

The Dangerous Nations outreach will train pastors in the tools of men's discipleship, to give away thousands of FREE books, to take the message of Manhood and Christlikeness to tens of thousands of  men. 

Translations - $2500 each
INDIA: SIX translations needed
PHILIPPINES - TWO translations needed

The online CMN broadcasts in Vietnamese and Farsi received record numbers of viewers with results resonating across hundreds of churches and men's groups in those dangerous and persecuted nations. 

Broadcasts - $7500 each
INDIA: SIX broadcasts needed
PHILIPPINES: TWO broadcasts needed

We can help. And, we will help.

With you and others brothers across the nation, we will strengthen our brothers and their families, and we will provide tools for them to evangelize and disciple more men. 

The goal is a simple reproducible system with measurable results that will continue for decades in the darkest places on earth. We have a purpose, a passion and a plan that works!

We are CMN. We rescue men.

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