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A pastor in Nepal was just sentenced to two years in prison for recommending prayer for Covid patients. This brother’s fight is ours, too—yours and mine.

Consider—hundreds of Christians in Myanmar have been forced from their homes. Thousands of Iranians are turning to Christ but are without discipleship resources. Dozens of churches are being destroyed every month from Asia to Africa. These are our brothers. 

Into these dark places, the Dangerous Nations outreach is bringing a Biblical message of hope, perseverance, and the message that “manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous.”  

There are places you and I will never be able to set foot in—but because of your generosity, CMN will reach men in their own language, in the power of the name of Jesus.

CMN is utilizing cutting edge digital solutions and partnerships, making the Dangerous Nations outreach the most cost-effective mission CMN has done in its 45-year history.

  • To reach one pastor/leader = $100 (Each pastor or leader reaches 20-200 men.)
  • On average, reaching one man = $5
  • Monthly Dangerous Nations budget = $20,700
  • One entire nation with one language = $19,500

As you give, pray over a generous year-end gift. Perhaps take a month, a nation, or a pastor.

Or, consider reaching men each month by starting a monthly giving plan.

Let’s end 2021 with great intentionality, with generous spirits, and move forward as brothers.

Remember, we need each other. And I’ve needed you. Thank you for being a friend, a brother, and an answer to prayer for men across the nations.

In His Grace and Peace,

Paul Louis Cole

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