We're counting on you

We're counting on you
We are enlarging the fight and quickly approaching our Never Quit LIVE three-day telecast to Vietnam. Many of the largest church movements in the nation have asked us to teach their pastors, equip their leaders, and empower a new men’s movement in the nation.

Brotherhood marked the life of Jesus. They did life together. And what they learned from Him wasn’t just from sermons – it was experiencing him living life every day. Friendship builds character.

As friends and brothers – we need to act on the desperate situation in Southeast Asia. 

Our brothers in Vietnam need us right now. On every hand, they are facing huge obstacles and tremendous challenges. 

Please pray about your part in closing the $18,000 gap we’re currently facing.

We need 500 men to give $50, or 100 to give $250, or 50 to give $500, or 25 to give $1000.


Imagine what that will look like to see a powerful men’s movement launch across the nation of Vietnam – that will be amazing. Good things happen when we’re brothers when we’re strong.

Thank you for helping our friends in Vietnam. And, thank you for being part of the brotherhood of CMN.