Never Quit Vietnam - Join me tonight

Never Quit Vietnam - Join me tonight
Night one of the "Never Quit" LIVE Vietnam telecast was incredible. Night Two starts at 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central on YouTube or Facebook.

You and I are on a mission. We are men with a vision to see men rescued, families saved and nations brought to Christ. Nowhere is the need greater than in the men of Vietnam


Over 4 million people died in the years of Vietnam’s wars and conflict, including 58,000 American troops. Millions, including an entire generation of Vietnamese, were killed, injured, and displaced.

The next generation grew up fatherless. 

Years of poverty and persecution, and now a pandemic started just across their border, have created a disaster and pushed Vietnam to a critical crossroads...

In this moment, Vietnam’s church leaders are most hopeful. A church movement is growing.

The problem is, there is no background from which to build strong men. Most of the pastors, like so many Vietnamese men, grew up fatherless.

We are CMN, we rescue men! Christian Men's Network is desperately needed in Vietnam today. We are pressing hard and equipping the men, pastors, and leaders in Vietnam through this three-day event. 

Tonight is another powerful line-up of speakers including Walt Landers, Jesus Puntos, and Rob Carman.

Please PRAY for the men of Vietnam. Please GIVE. Your gift today will help us complete the final $7500 needed for us to end this week in the black. 

JOIN us for the Vietnam Telecast "Never Quit" - 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central on YouTube or Facebook.

Let's do what we do - let's RESCUE MEN.