Vietnam has reached a critical crossroads...

Vietnam has reached a critical crossroads...

You and I are on a mission. This is not for the fainthearted. It's for men who have a compelling vision to see men rescued, families saved and nations brought to Christ.

God has called us out of safe places to dangerous nations. Men in other nations don’t have bail outs or access to any resources. We have brothers in Southeast Asia that need our hand and our hope – they look to us. 

At times, it can seem impossible... But God is faithful...even in the midst of impossible situations.

God has called us to be men who solve problems. He’s taken us from comfort to compassion. From convenience to conflict. These men in desperate, trying, traumatic crisis find it difficult to give thanks and believe that good will come their way. They have asked us to come. 

Over the past eleven years, the Lord has positioned Christian Men’s Network in one of the most difficult regions on earth - and into the most pivotal nation in Southeast Asia - Vietnam.

We have the solution to the problem. We cannot fail them.

Vietnam is an orphan nation - it is a fatherless culture. Most of the fathers and grandfathers were killed over the decades of war. The boys who grew up in that tragic era are the dads today - and they are a mess. The pandemic only made it worse. They need Jesus. 

While the physical war in communist Vietnam ended almost 45 years ago, the battle for the hearts of men rages on. Wives and children lost husbands and fathers. Boys were raised to manhood, not knowing their true identity. In that sliver of land called Vietnam, over 1,500,000 children are orphans. 

Into this maelstrom of disconnected men has come a tremendous opportunity. 

Today, Vietnam’s church leaders are hopeful. A church movement is growing. The problem is, there is no background from which to build strong men. Most of the pastors grew up fatherless. 

And this is why God has opened the door for the Christians Men’s Network to equip these pastors and leaders. 

We have reached a critical moment.


What the enemy meant for evil, God is using for good. 

Those who lead significant church movements, the leaders of NGOs, the experts in medical care - all have asked us to train the pastors, men's leaders and bring a renewal of men's discipleship to the nation.

We are in a position to make some strategic moves that will change the future of this nation by changing the hearts of its men. They are asking us to help. We must not let them down.

If we do, we will miss the greatest opportunity of our lifetime. What happens in Vietnam will reverberate across the entire region of Southeast Asia.

This is our moment - you and I must help those brothers.

Here’s what you and I can do.

In September, Vietnamese men will gather in their churches and homes to watch a LIVE broadcast we are producing specifically for them. The broadcast will be based on our Never Quit curriculum and will equip these men of God to rise up and lead their families and nation. 

We need your partnership to make it happen over the next four weeks. 

The financial need is huge $25,000 to finish book translations and equipping the CMN studio for the telecast. Will you join us? Will you help our brothers in Vietnam? 


We need 500 men to give $50, or 100 to give $250, or 50 to give $500, or 25 to give $1000.

Which will you choose? Please click here to select your level and give today.

I thank you. Your brothers in need thank you for being the answer to their needs.