Taking on the next storm

Taking on the next storm

Jesus met Peter in the middle of the night, in the middle of a storm. That's what Jesus does—he meets us right where we are— even in the middle of our worst storm.
"Take courage, I am here," Jesus said. Whenever God says "take courage" He always follows with, "I will be with you." God is with us.

What storms are brewing in your life? Take 4 minutes to get a ready solution from CMN Board Chairman Dale C. Bronner.





Help the men you know, and those in your church develop a greater relationship with God, their spouse, their kids, and other men. With a vibrant ministry to men comes increase.

Increase salvations - men come to Christ
Increase growth - men bring friends
Increase workers - men are willing to work
Increase giving - men freely invest
Increase influence - the pastor gains positive influence
Increase personal time - increased time for the pastor

CMN has created the most effective, proven, and widely used men’s ministry resources and they are available now.