Uncovering Patterns and Principles That Govern Success

“You become successful and prosper when you base your life on principles and find the patterns that work for you. The more you build your life on principle, the higher your highs, the straighter your path, and the greater your life.” –Edwin Louis Cole

All of life is based on principles and follows patterns. Patterns are ways in which the universe operates. You will begin to prosper when you base your life on sound principles and establish proper patterns that lead to success. In this captivating, easy-to-read book, best-selling author Edwin Louis Cole uncovers immutable principles that govern success. He addresses issues such as attitude, character, the pitfalls and benefits of wealth, the curse of debt and poverty, and developing a lifestyle of giving that will influence others. Learning the successful patterns and principles of success is a lifelong pursuit. You are never too old and never too young to begin to master them. The patterns you learn determine the life you live. Establishing them as habits will lead you to higher heights, straighter paths, and a better life.


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