REPORT: Reaching Pakistan - and the nations

REPORT: Reaching Pakistan - and the nations

What an exhilarating and remarkable day.

Key leaders just gathered in the CMN Fort Worth studios for a full-length two-day Majoring in Men broadcast into Pakistan and the Urdu-speaking regions of Asia.

With hundreds of pastors involved across Pakistan and the region, this was the next thrust of the Dangerous Nations outreach. The first of three powerful modules of teaching is called "The Courageous Man Event". These three in-depth modules roll out over a six-month cycle. Module two for Farsi is next up. 

You and I are part of what the Lord wants to do in the nations.

Reach men, save families, build churches and transform communities.

Ps. Venshard Dobbins who heads up the ministry to men for Bishop Jakes closed the two-day event with a strong word on overcoming fear and the power of discipling men. He said, "David came out of the mess of Ziklag because he repented and also because he had discipled his men."

A powerful concept that many of us had not seen before - the danger to leaders of not discipling men is they will fall away and even want to kill the leader when times get tough.

We'll get you more details as we get reports from the field. A big thank you to Pastor Haroon Bhatti from Pakistan who was incredible as an interpreter and heads a large network across Pakistan and the region.

This is a difficult region, but God is faithful - and Godly men like Haroon have stood up for the Gospel - many to their own hurt.

Next, we're working on the Nepal translations and also getting the first DOZEN languages completed for India. That's right - we will need 18 (EIGHTEEN!) languages to launch the ministry across India. Almost 1.4 BILLION people in India - 18% of the world's population.

And, we are finally going there in strength.

Pray with us over these powerful and great outreaches to grow strong men, strong families, and strong churches.