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Men with self-control are happier

Men with self-control are happier

As the New Year approaches the annual ritual of making resolutions comes on full-force. Become a better husband and father, eat better, exercise, lose weight, read more, advance in your career - you know the drill. 

To achieve any resolution or goal it takes self-control. In a recent study published by the Journal of Personality the following was discovered:

People with a lot of self-control appear to generally be in higher spirits; in the long run, they're happier with their lives. They learned that instead of constantly denying themselves, people high in self-control are simply less likely to find themselves in situations where that's even an issue. They don't waste time fighting inner battles over whether or not to eat the second piece of cake. They're above such petty temptations. And that, it would seem, makes them happier.

It takes a strong man to practice self-control which is why we have created the free STRONGER series. Tenacious faith restores the masculine journey. Enduring hope rebuilds the adventurous life. Decisive energy gets us focused and back on mission. 

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