Men Of Courage And Strength

Today’s Brave Men Motivation comes from Bishop Dale Bronner. He is a father, church planter, leadership trainer and key CMN Board Member. Let today’s motivation sink in and fire you up.

God expects us as men to be men of courage and strength.

One of the things that Joshua received from God was to be strong and very courageous. That word courageous is really the Old Testament word for faith, like we have in the New Testament.

You only find the word faith a couple of times in the Old Testament, but you find courage several times because courage is the evidence of faith. And it really comes from an old word, heorte, which means heart.

Heart. It's the core of who you are.

If you don't have core values of who you are, whose you are, and what God has called you to do, it's hard to be courageous when the world is living like the devil.

And you cannot walk with God and run with devils.

It takes courage to determine who your brothers will be as a part of the tribe that shares the faith of God with you.

We are courageous men. We don't run at trouble. We run to trouble to rescue hurting people. We are our brother's keeper.

He has given us a divine mandate. He's given us a mission. He's given us a method.

And when we put all of those together, it creates a divine movement. You are in a movement of God.

Be strong and courageous today!

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