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Start Your Day Courageous

The motivational email that will get your life fueled and focused.

Distractions are easy. And they’re the devil’s hammer. Samson was distracted and it didn’t end well. David was distracted and got jacked up. Peter was distracted by the waves and sank. So here’s a solution – quiet your heart, get closer to God, focus your spirit. A quick easy to read devotional that will bring energy and life into the journey of life. Built for the busy man of today.

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We’re surrounded by negativity every day. The enemy is relentless but so are we – the men who are and want to be the warriors.

We are tenacious, resilient, brave and strong. But, we need to keep that edge – it’s like being in the spiritual gym – we need it often.

I’ll send you a powerful, energetic word three times every week. Strong Biblical motivation from me and men like Bishop Dale Bronner, Mark Chironna, Stephen Mansfield, Robert Barriger and many others.

Becoming a better man. Living life as a man of God - life to the fullest!

Never forget, Hope is alive, Hope has a name, Hope's name is Jesus!

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