"Lions Roar stunner - from prison to commissioned"

"Lions Roar stunner - from prison to commissioned"

Eight years ago, at the close of our Lions Roar summit, we received an impromptu offering for the Chaplain of the Maricopa County Jail. Chaplain Herrera purchased hundreds of Maximized Manhood books to disciple incarcerated men in that prison.
Friday night of Lions Roar, eight years later, walking the stage and raising his commissioning sword was Paul Vargas, one of the men who was in prison when those books arrived.

That spontaneous offering – an act of love from a few hundred men in Dallas – gave new life to thousands of men in prison through a vibrant new faith in Jesus.

Not only did Paul build his faith in prison, he continued his journey with Christ by working at the Dream Center in Phoenix – and today is the Life Recovery Director - discipling over 400 individuals each year who are recovering from homelessness and addiction. 

When Paul raised his sword in triumph, victory, and gratefulness, it was the full picture of why CMN men do what we do.

We are CMN, we rescue men.

How many more Pauls are there across the nations?

How many more men will have their lives transformed because a few men like you and me care enough to give, to pray, to care …?

It's tens of thousands.

And every one of them is a story like Paul, “I was lost, but now I am found, I was blind, but now I see, I was drowning, but Jesus rescued me.”

Paul is one remarkable story in the almost fifty-year history of CMN. Next year, there will be thousands more.
This is why we do this – we rescue men, who rescue other men. One man receives a gift and because of it, hundreds of men then find new life in Christ.

This year at Lions Roar, on the last day, we gave an offering to jump-start the publishing of MaxMan resources in Mexico. How many stories will that produce? You can be part of this by giving HERE.