Keeping the flame hot: Pakistan

Keeping the flame hot: Pakistan
Arafaa is a precious 14-year-old Christian girl who was recently abducted by relatives, tortured into confessing Islam, and forced to marry a much older man. Sources tell us this is happening to Christians as a regular occurrence in Pakistan. Her family and her grandparents were all Christians.

We’re going into the heart of Pakistan again next week. And Arafaa is why.

And what happened to her is why it’s dangerous ... in Pakistan and in multiplied locations around the world.

The global goal of the Dangerous Nations outreach is to train 50,000 pastors and leaders in the most dangerous nations of the world to disciple 5,000,000 men ... shifting the balance, and changing the future.

Because of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, Christians are at constant risk of being falsely accused of blaspheming Islam, the Quran, or Muhammad, and they receive harsh punishments when convicted. Most Christians are trapped in a cycle of poverty and living as social outcasts. Often, the only jobs amount to indentured servitude in rugged factories or as street sweepers or sewage workers.

Christians have been imprisoned for years under the country's blasphemy laws, and many of those have been killed or forced to permanently flee the country upon release from prison.

Right now even in the midst of great persecution and the daily threat of tremendous physical danger hundreds are coming to Christ every week. The presence of God is moving over this difficult and dangerous nation. 

The church will grow, and thousands will come to Christ because you and I, with our brothers, were willing to do something about it. As we train pastors and leaders to disciple men – we believe that the Lord will accelerate the growth of his church across Pakistan.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday we will broadcast the second module of Majoring in Men training LIVE from our studios in Fort Worth.

Please pray for our key men as they deliver the good news of discipleship to leaders across Pakistan.

We need prayer.
And, we need finances.

The translation of Maximized Manhood into Urdu, the national language of Pakistan has been accomplished – now we need to take complete the broadcast expenses to reach thousands of Urdu-speaking men who live around the world.

YOU CAN SEE THE BROADCAST HERE: CMN YouTube beginning at 11:00 AM ET.

Thank you for praying right now – for giving – for telling other men to pray.

Great reports are coming in from the nations and we’re on our way into Asian and Middle Eastern nations in the coming months.

It’s all about taking Jesus into the darkest places – rescuing men and saving families.

This is the battle – and you’re on the front lines. Let’s stay resolute and committed.

In His Grace and Peace