“JB” (CBS Sports) leads a remarkable lineup this month!

“JB” (CBS Sports) leads a remarkable lineup this month!
“JB” (CBS Sports) leads a remarkable lineup this month!
To millions of sports fans he’s just known as “JB” – James Brown is a hall of fame broadcaster. The NFL, the NBA and the Olympics are just a few of his extensive credits. You’ve seen him alongside Terry Bradshaw, Phil Simms, Howie Long and many others – but you’ve never heard this part of his story.
In a candid and powerful interview, JB and Paul Cole spend time as friends delving deep into the character of a man - what it takes to live out faith in a tough world and what are some of JB’s greatest moments in sports. His BraveMen episode premieres today and you can listen

Every week the BraveMen podcast brings together some of the most remarkable men in the world. Each powerful episode has anointed messages and powerful interviews to challenge, inspire, and motivate you to live courageously in the journey of life.

Here’s what others are saying about the BraveMen podcast:
"This has helped me grow my business! I used to arrive at my shop anxious and filled with the negative news of the day. Now, I listen to the BraveMen podcast on the way to work and back home - it has filled me with faith and inspired me to be a stronger business leader and the spiritual leader in my home. Thanks, CMN for this awesome resource." - Bob (Flagstaff, Arizona) 
"The BraveMen podcast fills my heart with faith. I used to listen to sports radio and music ... now I'm listening to the BraveMen podcast and my entire demeanor and spirit is stronger. I'm a better husband, father, and friend. Thanks, CMN for everything you do. I wouldn't be the man I am today without this ministry. My wife is thankful also." - Ray (Houston, Texas)
This month is packed with dynamic content. Check out the amazing line-up below. You can listen online or subscribe via your favorite podcast service - see your options HERE.
Pat Morley: The Man in the Mirror guy reveals to us what it means to be a Christian man. Listen and be encouraged by the 10 issues men say matter most.

Danny Silk: Loving our kids on purpose has the greatest potential of seeing our world changed for the better. In this insightful podcast, you will learn what it means to love your kids on purpose. 

Justin Camp: Being intentional with God on your journey of life creates an adventure worth living. In this fun-filled podcast, we are taken on a journey that will help us to be on the right path.  

Scott Erickson: A creator never leaves its creation, they are always aware of the created at all times. In the season of Advent, we are reminded in this thought-provoking podcast how God never leaves or forsakes us.
Available 12/17
Otto Kelly: True Strength does not lie on the outside, but it lies in the heart. We are shown in this podcast how his physical strength was simply an opportunity for a warrior to reveal his heart.

Available 12/22 
Brian Tome: A life of action pushes you into gear of living as a courageous man. Courage is the remedy to the recipe in this podcast of this story of a champion.

Available 12/24 
Sam Collier:  Who is your author? God has a greater story to write with your life! This podcast sheds some light on a man that has been transformed by the very hand of God because he allowed him to write a story with his life that only he could write.

Available 12/29
Gene Getz: The essentials to life are found in no other place than the Bible. In this podcast, get your pen and pad ready to write down principles that will forever change your life for the better as we gear up to go into 2021, strong!

Available 12/31
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