Huge announcement from Global Summit

Huge announcement from Global Summit
Day One of the Global Summit exceeded our expectations. A powerful anointing filled the room with men from across the country - and felt by hundreds of men online in over a dozen nations. It was awesome!

In that remarkable meeting last night, we announced one of the most important new outreaches we’ve ever launched. 

DANGEROUS NATIONS: A Global Fatherhood Initiative of Christian Men’s Network

Earlier this year, as the global crisis started, the CMN team immediately pivoted energy and resources from going “on-site” to reaching men “on-line.” The mission was improvised and revised, but the message remained the same: Manhood and Christlikeness are Synonymous. 

The result was a tremendous impact in a Communist nation: The 2020 Vietnam “Never Quit” National Broadcast. 2400 pastors and leaders, many with their teams, viewed the broadcast, used the resources, and reached more men for Christ in one of the most dangerous nations on earth.

The missionfield of the future is not geographic, it is high technology.

CMN is committed to create a system to reach men in every dangerous nation on earth. By utilizing technology and partnerships around the world, we will take the life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ that revolutionizes men’s lives, strengthens families, and changes nations.

The next Dangerous Nation: IRAN

This is huge. And, it's just the start. We have connected with Iranian Christian leaders.  CMN resources are already being translated. Plans are underway for our online broadcasts with exiled Iranian leaders who have led thousands of men to Christ through various broadcast and digital formats. 

This is our moment! Let’s reach young men on their streets before we encounter them on ours.

PLEASE JOIN US IN PRAYER as we begin this critical mission to Iran. 

And consider making a donation to help us complete building the system. It’s infrastructure and foundation first, then the launch. We can do it. If we do it together.