Bin Laden and Jesus

Bin Laden and Jesus

Until Osama bin Laden was captured in a little village in Pakistan most of us never thought of this nation. Today Pakistan is a land in chaos with a persecuted but thriving church and a thriving global center for militant jihadists. 

We’re going to Pakistan next week. The next country in the Dangerous Nations outreach campaign in which we’ll train hundreds of pastors and leaders.

The global goal of the Dangerous Nations outreach is to train 50,000 pastors and leaders in the most dangerous nations of the world to disciple 5,000,000 men ... shifting the balance, changing the future.

Pakistan is the fifth most populous nation in the world with 227 million people. It sits in South Asia on the Arabian sea bordered by Iran, China, India and Afghanistan. This training of pastors and leaders across the nation will be a massive step in changing the future.

Across Pakistan right now hundreds are coming to Christ every day in the midst of great persecution and in some areas tremendous physical danger. As we train pastors and leaders to disciple men – we believe that the Lord will accelerate the growth of his church.

Next Thursday we will broadcast the first module of Majoring in Men training LIVE from our studios in Fort Worth. Please pray for us as our key men deliver the good news of discipleship to leaders across Pakistan.

We need prayer.
And we need financial support.

The translation of Maximized Manhood into Urdu has been accomplished – now we need to take care of the broadcast. 

Thank you for praying right now – for giving – for telling other men to pray. Reports are coming in from other nations and we’re on our way into other Asian and Middle Eastern nations in the coming months.

It’s all about taking Jesus into the darkest places – rescuing men and saving families.

This is the battle – and you’re on the front lines. Let’s stay resolute and committed.