Become the CEO of your life

Become the CEO of your life
Become the CEO of your life in 2021. Make the decisions that position you for growth, character and wisdom. 

The Power of Potential started this week on Monday Night Men. Every week hundreds of men gather from around the world to unpack the truths of God's word. It premieres Live on
YouTube and Facebook at 8pm Central and stays there so you can access the teaching anytime you are able.

Key elements we're covering include:

> The one thing you must-have for great achievement
> The biggest enemy that stops men from being their best
> How to find a pattern and purpose

We've just done the introduction - so it’s not too late to grab your seat and join the brotherhood for this powerful series. Order your Power of Potential books
here and join the Facebook group.

Reserve your place by registering today and we’ll see you next Monday!

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Every 180 minutes…a Christian is killed for his faith. Every day…ten Christians are unjustly imprisoned, more than 25 church facilities are attacked, terrorist jihad groups attract 67  disaffected young men. Over the next five years, stand with CMN to reach thousands of young men on their streets—before they show up on your streets. JOIN US.