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Keeping the flame hot: Pakistan

Arafaa is a precious 14-year-old Christian girl who was recently abducted by relatives, tortured into confessing Islam, and forced to marry a much older man. Sources tell us this is happening to Christians as a regular occurrence in Pakistan. Her family and her grandparents were all Christians.

We’re going into the heart of Pakistan again next week. And Arafaa is why.

And what happened to her is why it’s dangerous ... in Pakistan and in multiplied locations around the world.

The global goal of the Dangerous Nations outreach is to train 50,000 pastors and leaders in the most dangerous nations of the world to disciple 5,000,000 men ... shifting the balance, and changing the future.

Because of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, Christians are at constant risk of being falsely accused of blaspheming Islam, the Quran, or Muhammad, and they receive harsh punishments when convicted. Most Christians are trapped...

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