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Youth Ministry: the $6Billion Dollar Fail?

The relentless attack on the family is destroying nations around the world.     

Protestants and Catholics spend almost Six Billion dollars every year in America on youth ministries and youth outreach. Yet over 90% of 13-year-olds in our churches will be gone from any connection with faith by the age of 21.

Why is that?

Recent studies conclusively show that it’s the breakdown in the family. If Millenials, GenX, and GenZ had the same family structure as Baby Boomers, the churches in America would be packed. That makes sense to you and me – but now the facts are in.

Sadly 85% of the churches in America spend $0 on marriage and men. $0.

That’s ZERO! No men’s discipleship, no training for dating or marriage ... nothing. Maybe a date night or a men’s breakfast – but nothing that strengthens the heart, mind, and soul in Christ.

So what...

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