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Maximize fatherhood in 60 seconds

Fatherhood is a great adventure. It’s full of highs and lows, battles won and lost. Unexpected twists and turns are part of the deal. And it’s guaranteed you’ll gather your share of bruises along the way. 

But…when your heart and mind are anchored in God’s Word, you can thrive as a father, you can be the hero your children are looking for.

Maximized Minutes for Fathers is a Collection of Truths That Will Build Your Life as a Dad...One Minute at a Time

Each maximized minute takes...

30 seconds to read
30 seconds to reflect
23 hours, 59 minutes to benefit from what you read!

Maximized Minutes for Fathers inspire you each day—whether you are a new father or have been a father for decades; whether you had a great dad or no father figure at all. These short, memorable statements cut right to the core of biblical fatherhood....

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