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Commissioned men, who have completed nine books of the Majoring in Men® curriculum, are eligible to enter a new dimension. Click here and provide your commissioning details and we'll connect you into the Brotherhood.

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Ignite a Legacy

On this episode of the Brave Men Podcast, we go deep into the heart of fatherhood and mentorship with Brian Molitor, founder of Molitor International and TV4Dads.  

Join us as Brian and I unravel the art and duty of guiding boys on their journey to manhood—a path filled with challenges, choices, and the need for clear direction. Our discussion ventures beyond the surface, addressing the crucial transformation from boyhood to manhood that many in our society navigate without a defined rite of passage.

We also highlight something that has been lost in our culture: the indispensable wisdom of family elders and grandparents and their role in imparting timeless values and guiding young men through life's pivotal transitions. It's a celebration of the generational bonds that fortify...

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