“My prayer is this book will help you find your true identity, so you too can change your world.”

—Robert Morris, Gateway Church

A captivating story of endurance and victory against overwhelming obstacles. The discovery of a man’s identity against the backdrop of slavery, negative forces, and a world in turmoil. Stories that every man will identify with—to discover a new source of strength for himself.

Here is a book that will release a new level of confidence in men, that will stir the hearts of those who desire to live full out. Here is your new narrative! Just a Bartender answers the age-old questions:

• Am I living life at my full capacity?
• What is the larger purpose of my life?
• How do I break out and go after my dreams?

• How do I build a life that counts?

A man’s definition becomes the center of his decisions. What a man does with his hands starts in his heart. Here’s how to achieve your deepest desires. Here’s how to make your story the one you’ve always wanted.

“Exactly what men need.”

—Nick Caine, Cofounder, A21 Network

“Digesting this book can make you a better husband,
a better father, a better man.”

—Casey Treat, Christian Faith Center, Seattle, WA

“To become a champion, secure in your identity, read this.”
—Dale C. Bronner, Atlanta, GA

Just A Bartender

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