The Standards for Commissioning

The Commissioned Man completes nine books with their corresponding workbooks of the MAJORING IN MEN® Curriculum. The duration of study is generally between two and four years. Engaging the material is not an easy task, nor should it be truncated or compressed, without allowing the time necessary to do more than read books and fill in answers. The goal is for God’s truths to saturate the heart, followed by corresponding actions, and results in visible fruit in the life of the man.

The full requirements and steps to receive a “Commission” are:

  1. Complete nine books and workbooks of the Majoring In Men® Curriculum
  2. Complete  final tests including short essay questions in each workbook
  3. Submit an Application to Receive a Commission to the local church to be reviewed and approved by the leadership
  4. Married men, the wife must approve also; single men, a sponsor or mentor must approve
  5. Be a faithful and active member of a local church
  6. Be a faithful giver of tithes and offerings
  7. Faithfully and actively participate in outreach ministry

Commissioned with Honors:

Complete "Honors Essays" - one essay each from your choice of three books (three essays total).


Majoring In Men® works with and supports the local church. Christian Men’s Network carries out its God-given mandate to reach men around the world by entrusting the message of Christlike manhood to faithful men who are commissioned to teach other men. Commissioning men is conducted under the auspices of the local church. All commissioned men are expected to continue to reach men with the message of Christlike Manhood.

Commissioning signifies that a man has paid the price of training and sacrifice by completing the required Majoring In Men® curriculum, achieving the standards of a faithful man, and has been approved by his family and pastor to receive this highest honor.

The duration of study is generally between two and four years. Engaging the material is not an easy task, nor should it be truncated or compressed, without allowing the time necessary to do more than read books and fill in answers. The goal is for God’s truths to saturate the heart, followed by corresponding actions, and results in visible fruit in the life of the man.


Men are required to complete the four core book plus any five additional Majoring In Men® books, in any order. The four core books are Maximized Manhood, Courage, Communication, Sex & Money, Strong Men in Tough Times. The final tests must be completed from each workbook.

To be commissioned, a man must be proven to be faithful:

  • to God
  • to his family
  • to his leadership
  • to his employer, authority, clients or customers
  • to his local church
  • to tithe
  • to participate in outreaches

Men desiring to be commissioned submit an application affirmed by a wife, if married, or another man or mentor, if not married, plus a recommendation from his pastor.

Commissioned Men’s Statement Of Purpose

“I believe God has called me to speak with a prophetic voice to the men of this generation. He has commissioned me with a ministry ‘majoring in men,’ to bring men to an identification with Christ and impress them with the reality that ‘manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous.’”


Plan a special service, or a date during a regular church service, to hold the commissioning and announce the date well in advance. Most men will take from two to four years to complete the classwork as well as take part in ministry outreaches.

It is helpful to distribute a list of requirements and tell the men far in advance when the commissioning ceremony will be held. This helps to ensure that you will have the most men possible commissioned at each ceremony.

Some churches have orientation meetings once or twice per year that spell out exactly what is required for a man to receive a commission. Wives could be included in this, to help them understand the level of commitment required.

Many groups distribute an “Intent to Pursue a Commission” that has the requirements listed, and asks for the men to write briefly why they wish to be commissioned. This is then signed by the men and turned in. Your leaders will be able to assess the level of each man’s maturity and commitment by what he has written.

Final Exams

Require the men to complete the Final Exam in the back of every workbook. Men who have mastered the material should have no problem in completing it. To check the exams, an answer key is available online at the Christian Men’s Network website. The pastor or local leaders review the exams then return them to the men.

For most men, completing a book and a final exam is a badge of honor. Allow them to feel great about their accomplishment. At a baby dedication in one church, a man walked up with several pieces of paper in his hand. The pastor nervously asked if the man had something he wanted to say. The young father said, “Yes, I just want to say that I’m going to raise this baby right, and here’s my final exam that proves it!”

Be sure to collect and review the exams as you go through the classes. You can empower someone to compare them to the answer keys. By having this done in small increments over the months of study will eliminate any last-minute pressures to ensure the men can be commissioned.


Distribute and collect applications for commissioning at any time during the process. Again, waiting until the last minute to receive all the applications will cause undo stress, right when you are planning the commissioning ceremony. Appoint a team of trusted men to review the applications to distribute the work away from you.

Applications must be affirmed by the candidate’s wife, if married. If not married, the application must be affirmed by a mentor, sponsor or friend who is able to attest to the character of the man. In addition to the application, men must have a pastoral referral stating the pastor’s approval for his commissioning. The pastor should be aware if the man is a member in good standing of the local church, a faithful tither, and if he participates in ministry outreaches.

Each application should require a fee that covers your cost of the sword. When you start far enough in advance, men can pay this fee monthly rather than at one time.

A month before the ceremony, go through all the applications and ensure the application is complete, and the fee is paid. Ensure the final exams have been received for all except the last book, and with the recommendations from the pastor and spouse or friend. Before the ceremony, be sure you have collected all the final exams for the final books studied.

To start reaching men for Christ through CMN training, get the Majoring In Men® Launch Kit.


Being commissioned after months and years of study and practice is a highlight for men. It is a rarity in most men’s lives to walk across a stage and receive an award. But even for men who are accustomed to honors, commissioning is a special one because the materials challenge a man on the deepest levels of his life. The first man to be commissioned in the nation of Peru was the oldest living general from the Peruvian army. One medical doctor in the US who was being commissioned told his wife, “I’ve received a lot of degrees and awards, but this is the big one!”

The emblem for commissioning is a sword. The sword is the symbol of a trained warrior, from Scripture and from history. Awarding a sword is recognition that a man is armed to fight for the souls of men. The men who fought with Gideon in Biblical days fought with a sword. God refers to His Word as the “sword.” Having a sword is a reminder of being armed with God’s Word.

You may order the swords from the Christian Men’s Network office. Most churches order nameplates for the scabbards to place on the swords when they arrive.