CMN Studio Updates

 March 8th, 2023

The CMN Broadcast Studio is more than just a facility; it is an epicenter for reaching men in dangerous nations. 

Watch the incredible progress being made.

The studio is scheduled for completion in just four weeks, so please give today.

Remember, you share in the blessing of every man reached, every marriage saved. And, every gift makes a difference for a young man, a dad, a family, a child.It's up to us to reach them.goal and make a lasting impact on the lives of men worldwide.

 January 26, 2023

We just received a report from Vietnam of hundreds of churches that have launched the ministry to men since we began to train the pastors via online broadcast in 2020.

One Ho Chi Minh City pastor who is a recovering addict said he’s never before seen any teaching that produced results like this. All of that was accomplished digitally direct from Dallas to Vietnam. 

A businessman in Da Nang has a band of men he's training. What CMN has introduced is so different culturally from anything they’ve ever heard before. He said his guys are desperately hungry for more.

That's why we are so fired up over the new studio that is already more than halfway done.

Please give right now. Every gift makes a difference for a young man, a dad, a family, a child.

January 5, 2023

The walls are going up!

December 30, 2022

The CMN studio foundation!! 

Ready to support equipment and equip leaders around the world.

December 21, 2022

BIG DAY! The foundation for the CMN studio is being poured right NOW.

Under the foundation is the book Maximized Manhood, the ‘sword of the Lord’ used to commission men to be ‘ministers to the men of the world.’ And a Bible open to Acts 2:17, "In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams."

370 Million fellow believers worldwide face persecution or even death for their faith.

CMN is Reaching Men in the Most Dangerous Nations.

Every 180 minutes…a Christian is killed for his faith.

Every day…ten Christians are unjustly imprisoned, more than 25 church facilities are attacked, and terrorist jihad groups attract 67 disaffected young men.

There are dozens of nations in which it is mortally dangerous to be a Christian, preach the Gospel, and share Jesus … but we are called to be SALT AND LIGHT there.


This spiritual battle is raging across the nations of the world. God expects us to be men who have answered the call to fight the good fight and who have not grown weary - who will not quit when times are difficult.

Brother - you are one of those men.

The life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ revolutionizes men’s lives, strengthens families, and changes nations.

Since launching the Dangerous Nations initiative, we have trained thousands of pastors and national leaders in Vietnam, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Iran. We have translated books into Russian and Ukraine.

In 2023 we will go to…

Ukraine, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Mexico, South Sudan, The Arabic world. and more.

These are places you and I would never be able to set foot in - but because of our local partners on the ground and your generosity - we will be there to minister in the power of the name of Jesus, in their own language.

The strength of CMN is the agreement and brotherhood of leaders and groups on the ground around the world. We do not believe in drop-a-flyer-and-walk-away projects. Dangerous Nations is a long-term solution to reach the lost, reverse the downward spiral of nations, and establish the ongoing presence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Imagine dozens of pastors and leaders in secret places meeting with top CMN teachers who have discipled hundreds of thousands of men.

Imagine hundreds of pastors discipled in reaching the men of their nation.

And we need you to be a part!


Dr. Edwin Louis Cole declared over 40 years ago - “The mission field of the future is not geographic, it is high technology.”

Utilizing technology and partnerships around the world, CMN is building a system to reach men in every dangerous nation on earth. The goal is a simple, reproducible system with measurable results that will continue for decades to come.

Your gift of any amount will help complete the CMN Broadcast Studio and reach dangerous nations!

Give Any Amount

Let’s give with great intentionality, with generous spirits, and move forward as brothers.

Strong Men.
Strong Families.
Strong Churches.

We are CMN. We rescue men.