Majoring in Men Videos


Lesson 1: Maximum Sentence & Kept Out of Canaan

Lesson 2: The Playboy Problem

Lesson 3: Moses and the Ten Invitations

Lesson 4: There's a Hole in the Door & Tender and Tough

Lesson 5: Is There a Priest in the House? & The One Dollar Tip

Lesson 6: Changing Heads

Lesson 7: The Buck Stops Here

Lesson 8: Video Daddy

Lesson 9: Our Father, Which Art Inactive & Stop, Look, Listen

Lesson 10: Born-Again Marriage & What's the Question?

Lesson 11: Adult Boys & It's the Heart

Lesson 12: Take It to the Cross & That's My Dad! & Burn Out; Don't Fade Out

Maximized Manhood Recap