Influence Around the World

Over one hundred years have passed since Florence Cole’s birth, over 80 years since the birth of Edwin Louis Cole. With an ironic twist reminiscent of those found in the Gospel, this woman’s great faith and tenacity in prayer helped launch one of the greatest Christian movements of our time — a men’s ministry that spans the globe and has helped influence dozens, if not hundreds, of other ministries to men and leaders.

The exhilarating worship, powerful altar calls, thousands of salvations and open repentance at men’s events worldwide have changed men, families, communities and nations. Men’s events still occur literally around the world. These events have produced fruit of quality, as seen in the lives of the spiritual sons and grandsons of the ministry.

Through driven, deliberate purpose and focused prayer, this venture of faith was initiated by God, multiplied through ministry, launched by His Spirit and sustained by the “word of His power.” It is God’s ministry for generations.