370 Million fellow believers worldwide face persecution or even death for their faith.

When men receive the truth that true manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous, the message compounds exponentially.

More men are transformed by the power of God, marriages are resurrected, children have engaged fathers, churches grow with committed men.

Across the globe, in every culture when men accept responsibility for their families, child poverty and homelessness decrease, in local churches, troubled marriages decrease while evangelism, income, and volunteerism increase.

Every moment counts, and your donation today will be matched, dollar for dollar, training more leaders and transforming lives at an unprecedented pace.

The story of one man cuts like a knife across the surging discord of culture. Elijah, Joseph, David - each man's story deeply penetrates our hearts. And that's the story of our brother Phuong.

He first heard about CMN & Maximized Manhood when we did the "Never Quit" broadcast in September of 2020.

He grabbed the materials as a 29-yr-old ex-drug addict and began to learn what a real man was.

Then he began to teach his friends. Then he taught young men in a local church … and that’s the group of men who became the first commissioned men in the history of Vietnam.

That September 2020 broadcast was the very first Dangerous Nations broadcast -- and it reached a young man, a new Christian, who was sitting in a cafe watching because he needed discipling …and from that broadcast came the first 17 men commissioned in the nation of Vietnam.

AND he has become a champion for CMN and the ministry to men across Vietnam.His life began in the home of a father who was a local official and who was highly abusive and intolerant.

Phuong is now 33 years old, has forgiven his dad, and the relationship with his father has been restored!Today he's a servant-leader, married, with a beautiful one-year-old girl.His life is forever changed. And now he wants to change his nation.This is the stunning work of Christ in a man’s heart.

This is what CMN does. Over and over again. One man at a time...

CMN is Reaching Men in the Most Dangerous Nations.

Every 180 minutes…a Christian is killed for his faith.

Every day…ten Christians are unjustly imprisoned, more than 25 church facilities are attacked, and terrorist jihad groups attract 67 disaffected young men.

There are dozens of nations in which it is mortally dangerous to be a Christian, preach the Gospel, and share Jesus … but we are called to be SALT AND LIGHT there.



A gift of $50 provides one minute of broadcasting into a nation.

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Reach one pastor or leader who impacts 20-200 men for just $100.

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The Wesley N. Callahan Global Media Center Studio

Dr. Edwin Louis Cole declared over 40 years ago - “The mission field of the future is not geographic, it is high technology.”

Utilizing technology and partnerships around the world, CMN has built a system to reach men in every dangerous nation on earth. The goal is a simple, reproducible system with measurable results that will continue for decades to come.

Your gift of any amount will help reach dangerous nations and rescue men!

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Let’s give with great intentionality, with generous spirits, and move forward as brothers.

Strong Men.
Strong Families.
Strong Churches.

We are CMN. We rescue men.