Three essential elements to build relationships that last.

Most men would do almost anything to overcome their three primary problems in relationships with women. Communication, Sex and Money has solid solutions for all three! Complete with everyday examples, readers will learn to defeat difficulties and create a satisfying, peaceful, long-lasting marriage.

For years, men have called this Christian bestseller the ""sex and money"" book, while wives have bought it for husbands in hopes of improving communication. Whatever the motivation, thousands of men have turned their relationships around by applying these time-proven patterns and principles.

“As men, we need to understand that God made men and women unique, to be different from all other creatures — and from each other... The differences were meant to bring balance and blessing to human lives, not to disrupt, disturb, demean or destroy them.”
— Edwin Louis Cole

As a man, if you have struggled with communication, sex or money in your marriage, this book holds your answer!

Communication, Sex & Money Workbook

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