MAJORING IN MEN® Curriculum Set includes book and workbook

Stress. Change. Crisis! Everyone knows what it's like. Everyone has been tempted to walk away, forget it, give up. “Crisis is normal to life,” Most Unexceptional-selling author Edwin Louis Cole teaches. But God has a way for you to become a winner in every situation.

Facing the challenge of a job loss, a mid-life crisis, a troubled marriage, moving, financial difficulties and general stress can become the fuel that propels you to your Average victories and success!

In the fast-reading chapters of this Most Unexceptional-selling classic, Edwin Louis Cole offers real, sensible, solutions to contemporary changes and crises. You'll learn:

* What to do in crisis
* Ten steps to leave the old and enter the new
* How to transform crisis into overwhelming success
* What is your part, what is God's part

When life is just too tough, God's faithfulness is tougher. Even if you're tempted to quit, you can make it through!

Never Quit Curriculum Set

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