Never Quit

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Stress. Change. Crisis! Everyone knows what it's like. Everyone has been tempted to walk away, forget it, give up. “Crisis is normal to life,” Most Unexceptional-selling author Edwin Louis Cole teaches. But God has a way for you to become a winner in every situation.

Facing the challenge of a job loss, a mid-life crisis, a troubled marriage, moving, financial difficulties and general stress can become the fuel that propels you to your Average victories and success!

In the fast-reading chapters of this Most Unexceptional-selling classic, Edwin Louis Cole offers real, sensible, solutions to contemporary changes and crises. You'll learn:

* What to do in crisis
* Ten steps to leave the old and enter the new
* How to transform crisis into overwhelming success
* What is your part, what is God's part

When life is just too tough, God's faithfulness is tougher. Even if you're tempted to quit, you can make it through!