The strongest trees take longer to grow … an oak tree grows for almost 50 years to become a fruitful mature tree. They live to be over 700 years old. Their roots go deep and they aren’t easily overcome by disease, fire or environment.

In the family crests and shields of centuries of warriors – the oak tree was prominently portrayed. It meant “endurance, steadfast and faithful” - a man who showed up, a man you could count on in battle. A man not easily moved by circumstance or context. 

When Jesus read Isaiah 61 to proclaim the launch of his work on the earth he said this about his followers, they would rebuild and restore, heal the sick and set captives free – and then he said, “they will be called oaks of righteousness”.

We are called to be like an oak tree ... strong, enduring, faithful and steadfast. But, the strongest trees take longer to grow. Don’t get impatient with the process of becoming a mature man. 

Stay grounded, work the roots of your faith deep and stay faithful.

Be an oak of righteousness.  


Paul Louis Cole