I have a friend that when he woke up every morning he stayed in bed for the next 10 minutes … silently thanking the Lord for his life, his family, the blessings of God. Then, having built a positive atmosphere of gratitude and thankfulness around him. He started his day.

Everything lives or dies based on the atmosphere it is in.

The atmosphere you create around your life - your heart … is your responsibility. Whether your first ten minutes, a pause in the morning, your devotional ritual, a late night walk and pray … create the atmosphere around your heart with purpose.

The positive or negative atmosphere you build around your heart is carried into your work, your family life - everywhere you go - you have built your personal atmosphere… and the chaos or tumult you walk through doesn’t need to affect you.

David said, “I walk through the valley of the shadow of death” (Psalm 23) The atmosphere of his relationship with God overcame any atmosphere that tried to land on him. His heart was shielded. 

He walked through the chaos – protected by the atmosphere of Christ.

Paul Louis Cole