Your legacy begins with this

Your legacy begins with this

Most men don’t realize it – but, they are in crisis. Our world is in crisis. It’s a chaotic season.

 But, whenever there is a problem - God’s answer is always a person. He chooses to use people to bring the answers and solutions those in crisis need.

When the walls of Jerusalem were in ruin God raised up a man ...  Nehemiah

 When there were human justice issues in Egypt God raised up a man ... Moses

 When the gospel needed to be preached God raised up a man ... Paul

 When Israel was living a defeated life God raised up a man … Gideon 

You are that man.

 This month we’re making available two powerful videos that will equip, empower and strengthen you to be the answer. These resources are normally only available to subscribers of AchieveLab but for the next two weeks, there’s no charge. This is a crucial time.

 The first inspirational word from CMN Board Member Bishop Dale C. Bronner reveals that to do something that matters always takes courage. You will never change the world and make an impact in a comfort zone. It takes courage! You don’t have courage for anything that’s not already locked in your core. So, in other words, you will never do anything worthwhile until you know who you are. WATCH NOW

 In the second dynamic message, renowned author and speaker Stephen Mansfield, helps you understand that your destiny is fulfilled by investing in the destiny of others. Leadership is understanding you have a destiny and rather than asking others to come to contribute to the fulfillment of your destiny, you choose to invest in their destiny. Your focus is on what they were made for and that is producing in you what you need to fulfill your purpose in being their leader in the first place. WATCH NOW

 These videos will be available FREE for a short time, so access them now.

 While you watch, you can become a vital member of CMN, taking the message of Christlike Manhood to more men in need – it just takes a few clicks. Your generosity helps men realize who God has called them to be and to rise up with courage. Your partnership provides resources to set men free and see families restored.

Today more than ever in our lives, we need the tenacity of a warrior, the wisdom of God and the heart of a conqueror. That’s you and that’s us — the men of CMN. We are CMN, we rescue men.

 I love our brotherhood and thank the Lord for you.


Grace and Peace,

Your friend, brother and ally.