You can do it (because you can’t afford not to)

You can do it (because you can’t afford not to)

Seasons of intensity come and go. You can’t make decisions based on the current season. You must keep walking and know the season will change.

Because the Holy Spirit, the abiding presence of Almighty God, lives in you, you can walk through this world confident, passionate, encouraged, hopeful, filled with peace. But it doesn’t mean you don’t use wisdom. It’s wisdom to eat healthy, stay in the Word, speak generously.

This week Robert Barriger shares a powerful devotional with the CMN brotherhood on how to get God’s perspective on things and walk wisely.

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GOOD NEWS: CMN's construction crew will have supplies and start work MONDAY. 

The entire state of Texas was hit—building supplies are exhausted, crews are slammed, and construction costs have skyrocketed. But, supplies are being shipped, none of the ministry's new media equipment was damaged.

Please help financially with the balance of the work for damaged floors / walls / infrastructure. CLICK HERE TO GIVE

GREAT NEWS: The broadcast to leaders in Vietnam is CONFIRMED for March 22-23 direct from the CMN studio.

Construction crews tell us, "CMN will be ready."

Thank you for your prayer and financial assistance in getting CMN back up and ready to minister to men. Our brotherhood doesn't flinch. Ministry to men is what we do.
Ray Ray McElrathbey joins us this week to talk about growing up surviving the streets and housing projects of Atlanta and how circumstances eventually led to success in athletics and beyond.  We also talk about the new movie Disney+ has made about what he did in helping raise his little brother, it’s called “Safety” and it’s out now. 

All of life is based on principles and follows patterns. Patterns are ways in which the universe operates. You will begin to prosper when you base your life on sound principles and establish proper patterns that lead to success. Discover the principles and patterns in Ed Cole’s classic Treasure.

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