You Are Not Alone

God's man, the prophet Elijah, got depressed, discouraged, down. He cried, “Oh God, nothing's right! Nobody cares, and I'm the only guy who's following you.”
But God told Elijah, in essence, to stop stressing. He said, “There are 7,000 other men just like you.”
Whether you’re up or down right now, you need to know that men who have the same passion you have are gathering for Lions Roar 2018 in Dallas this November 8-10, and we want you there.
Our theme this year is “Brotherhood” because it's about coming together as brothers to accomplish something we can't do by ourselves. Our message is: You're not the only one. You're not alone.
Come gather with your brothers. Meet strong men. Get their emails. Get their phone numbers. Connect with men who are passionate about following Christ from around the world—men from over a hundred nations!
You will be encouraged, inspired, and enlarged. The Father is going to put something new in you you've never had before. This will be transformative.
This is your tribe of godly men. Join us November 8-10. All the details are at
We expect to see you there.