Will you make your move?

Will you make your move?

Last week we announced our upcoming live three-day webcast outreach to the churches and men of Vietnam. We will be equipping them from our 'Never Quit hard-hitting breakthrough book and workbook' and I am praying you are ready to make your move and invest in this incredible opportunity — for the sake of the men of Vietnam. 

Your immediate online donation will help translate and produce resources that will equip churches across Vietnam to disciple men. You will help us complete our studios and technology infrastructure to make this an event that will change hearts, restore families, and transform a nation. 

In reading and rereading the New Testament, I see Paul going from city to city raising funds for the hurting church in Jerusalem. It is significant as I view it from a personal perspective.

Paul asked friends to help others financially—and he didn’t back off. He stayed at it. I am compelled in the same spirit—to disciple men, save families and strengthen churches in Southeast Asia and around the world. Like the apostle, I will never quit!

And I’m inviting you to join me in reaching the men of Vietnam at this critical time.

We need 500 men to give $50, or 100 to give $250, or 50 to give $500, or 25 to give $1000.

Which will you choose? Please click here to select your level and give today.

Thank you for responding from a heart of love today!