What's The Most Important Thing a Father Can Do?

In the US, on a national average, dads personally and directly communicate with their children 35 seconds a day. Their kids spend 35 hours a week engaged in media, tv, video games.

Think about this: If you only spend one hour per week one-on-one with your child from birth to age 18, the total time you will spend with that child is 39 days. Doing just that makes a huge difference.

Fatherlessness isn't just about being gone - it's being there but not present. 

Kids don’t need a perfect dad. They just need a dad who shows up. A dad who is present. Being present in your child's life - that's the most important thing a dad can do. 

And, then communicate.

Being present, talking, listening - being a dad who is there.
This Father’s Day, don’t sweat it if your child doesn’t wish you a happy day, just hug them, text or call them, and wish them one. Just be the dad. Be present - show up.

In this week’s devotional Pastor Phil Pringle encourages us with a powerful world and shows us how to build important emotional bonds with our children.