What Pulls You Into Your Future?

Your heart needs a promise. It needs a vision, hope, desire, something to look forward to.

A compelling vision is what pulls a man into his future.

The Church must promise men that the future will be better with Jesus, that following Christ will make you somehow more of a man with a better life.

I once sat with a young man at a Waffle House. He was done with church. Because of personal disappointments, he was done with following Jesus. I promised him that if he would return to church—if he would connect with me often and with other men—his life would be better in six months.

I said, “Give me six months. And then tell me your life isn’t better.” We shook hands, he committed. And I committed also. I was fully engaged in making sure he was with men, that we had coffee often, that his family was connected.

Six months later, he was fully engaged in the life of the church … fully engaged in following Jesus.

My faith wasn’t in me. My faith was in Jesus. My faith was that my friend would be struck by the presence of Jesus in his life. God always keep his word. And, I kept my word.

Find that man. Then keep your word.

Some guy is just waiting for you to show him the way…..