What is the future of your church?

What is the future of your church?

A week ago I stood before hundreds of Indonesian men celebrating reaching 1,000,000 men through Christian Men's Network's Majoring In Men curriculum. It is awesome to know this curriculum, which we designed to work in any church culture, anywhere in the world, has done it's job. 
I want to invite you to learn more about ministering to the men around you by joining us in the MajoringInMen.com Foundations course. Majoring in Men Foundations is one of the most significant resources ever created for men and churches to disciple men.

Will the future of your church be strong, status quo or declining? Experts are telling us that over 75% of American churches are declining or just staying level - which really means they too are declining in light of population growth. How can we build a strong church - and build it with great men?

After more than 40 years of ministry in over 100 countries, and with more than 4 million men discipled, here’s what we know beyond a shadow of a doubt…

When men are engaged, the church comes alive. Often, the local church will see a 20% increase in salvations, church attendance, workers, and income. That’s momentum! When men change everything changes!

As a church planter and pastor myself, we are local church. More than half of our board are pastors. So let me ask you the vital question that I asked the brothers gathered in Dallas...

What is the future of your church? Really...what does it look like for your church in five years in today’s shifting culture? 

What would a 20% increase in salvations, church attendance, workers, and income mean for your church, your community, and your family? How would that help build your vision? How much joy and peace and fulfillment would that bring to you personally? 

The tool we launched at the Global Summit is one of the most significant resources we've ever created, and it's a game-changer for churches. 

Majoring In Men Foundations

This powerful 12-week online course is packed with proven discipleship tools & resources created specifically for men. It’s a fresh, innovative approach to ministry for today’s men with proven results that bring church growth.

Increased Salvations: In small groups or classes, men engage the Gospel, men come to Christ. Discipleship happens when men minister to men.

Increased Growth: Disciples make disciples. Fully committed and engaged men bring friends and coworkers to church. And, they bring their entire families.

Increased Workers: Understanding the mission, men are willing to work for the cause of Christ. Discipled men will get their hands dirty. They want to be equipped and empowered and put to work.

Increased Giving: Understanding their purpose, men freely invest in the church. Increase comes as men become identified. Identification leads to involvement, then investment, then increase.

Increased Influence: Influence comes from helping men solve problems. Discipling men solves cultural issues - the pastor gains positive influence within the community.

Increased Personal Time: Trained and empowered men do the work of the ministry. The result is increased time for the pastor to study, pray, minister, teach—and disciple.

Here’s what Dr. Dwayne Pickett, Ph.D. shared with me recently. 

“About eight years ago we launched Majoring in Men in our church. We did exactly what they showed us. We had always had a passion for discipling men, this gave us the pattern. The curriculum has built strong men - I know my men have my back, they're involved and investing. We have four campuses and our strong men are now impacting the city!”
Dwayne Pickett, Ph.D.,  New Jerusalem Church, Jackson, Mississippi

God is doing something remarkable and we are moving with great intensity. Already over 8,000 churches have experienced dramatic results - you should be a part of that group.

There has never been a time when the need for ministry to men was greater, and the resources to do it more accessible. When we reach a man for Christ, we touch the nation.

Learn more about this incredible tool and experience the increase that comes by using it.

Majoring In Men Foundations