We are amazed at what’s happening here ... direct report

Men across the Latin world have IGNITED. As Pastor Gustavo Justo explains above, the men's movement is active all over Argentina in many types of churches, and is growing in Spain, the Canary Islands, Barcelona, Madrid and key cities.

Latin America CMN director Ps Robert Barriger interprets and is also traveling the nations. With Peru CMN president Christian Scheelje, Dr. Barriger and teams of key pastors are training pastors in Colombia, Spain, Chile, Mexico and every Latin nation on building contemporary churches and strong men.

Mexico has been hit hard with culture disruption but in the midst of this the gospel of Jesus Christ is changing the hearts of men. Churches are growing, ministry to men is growing and the power of God is changing a nation... From the inside out... First the heart, then the hands.

All of this is hard work. These are fully committed men and we need to have their backs. Please take a moment and pray for our brothers across Latin America — putting themselves at risk for the kingdom of heaven.

The Great Commission of Christ's is to make disciples of all nations, and we're doing it. You can build great crowds with great sermons, but you will never change a nation until you disciple a MAN.

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