We had failed 17 times...

We had failed 17 times...

"We had zero sales during the first three months of 2020. I reminded my team that we had 17 major battles in our company's history. I named them. And because we knew that God was faithful then, when number 18 came along, we knew what to do. God would be faithful." - Ryan Binkley (click above to watch Pastor Ryan's Global Summit Session)

The battle for the hearts of men began in the chaos of creation. Then God spoke a word and the world became His garden. It was a season of new life, new beginnings and fresh air.

While the world today suffocates in the chaos of negativity there is a new season among men: a Season of Success.

Ryan Binkley is a man who has felt the chaos of failure - and yet God speaks a word into his heart, and suddenly it's a new beginning, a new season. 

God is speaking to you today a word of fresh air and new life. 

It's a new Season of Success as we enter the holiday season.

2021 is giving us its last 7 weeks in which we can tackle obstacles and reach goals. Let's walk strong through this Season of Success.