Vietnam - This One Thing (ASK)

Vietnam - This One Thing (ASK)
My dad taught me, “A half-truth is a whole lie.” Therein sits the largest issue for us. Our world operates in shadows and nuances of truth. It even has a name, “spin.” The Kingdom operates on bright, radiant, vivid truth.
Truth is the result of being fully exposed to God’s Word. Immersing ourselves in the Word, the truth, causes our hearts to lean into truth.
Men and nations are not great by virtue of their wealth, but by the wealth of their virtue. 
Character is always the issue—in family life, marriage, profession, and in our success or failure as men and nations. And character doesn’t happen without intentional discipleship. 

Our goal in 2020 is to equip 2000 churches in Vietnam to disciple men and to see their character built through discipleship. The closer a man clings to the truth, the closer a man grows to Christ. 

And the closer a man grows to Christ the greater husband, father, and leader he becomes.

For a decade CMN has been equipping pastors and church leaders in Vietnam. Now we are enlarging the fight. We will impact 2000 churches by providing them with training events, mentoring and books translated into their language.

The need to help the men of Vietnam become true disciples of Christ has never been greater. And the resources are at our fingertips if we are willing to link arms and work together.

Would you do two things? 
  1. As part of our current 21-Day Prayer Initiative, pray for the churches and leaders who are putting their lives on the line to see the men of their dangerous nation follow Christ. 
  2. Please sponsor one Vietnamese man for $45? This will provide him with translated books and workbooks that will change his life. Or, please sponsor a whole church for $225 so the pastor can train a core group of men.