Unity and a word of hope!

Unity and a word of hope!
What is unity? It's NOT people agreeing with you. It is about mutual respect. We developed this powerful thought with a strong word of hope here on a short video: watch it here.

The enemy wants you to make all of your decisions and live your life based in fear, fear always isolates. Don't fight fear by arguing. Fear is defeated by embracing hope - and that builds the power of faith.
Paul said “... this one thing I do”, speaking of pressing into the heart and presence and rhythms of Almighty God. Do that first before you speak ... use his sovereignty as your filter.

Your comments in the moment will become your children’s context for a lifetime.

Speak the words of Jesus - His prayer, the Lord’s Prayer - into your soul, before you speak your words into another man’s heart.

Hurt with those who hurt. Grieve with those who grieve. Love takes the pain from another onto ourselves... we are our brother’s keeper.

Don’t talk to people about injustice until you’ve first spoken to God about your righteousness.

Earlier this week, during a Facebook Live broadcast, I shared more on how we can walk in unity and live with hope. I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch it - CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

Remember this - Hope is alive, Hope has a name, Hope's name is Jesus!