Ukraine: hope in the midst of darkness

Ukraine: hope in the midst of darkness

At 3:40 am on February 24, 2022, Russian troops backed by missile attacks, air support, and tanks invaded the nation of Ukraine. The result has been the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War 2 as almost 8 million Ukrainians have been displaced, food shortages have hit areas around the world, and tens of thousands on both sides of the conflict have died.

To assist those in desperate need, CMN has launched a new Ukrainian translation of Never Quit, a powerful word on faith in the midst of crisis. Translated by a crew under constant risk in Ukraine, this new book is online now and is

Download the book free

On the cover of the book is the face of an actual Ukrainian soldier, injured and almost killed in recent battles. He said, “Take my photo, if it helps bring courage to my nation, get the book out.”

If you know people from Ukraine or know someone close to them – send them this email or copy and send them this link -

We’ve also made the Russian-translated book
Strong Men in Tough Timesavailable for our brothers across that nation. CMN has great friends in Russia, from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. At the most recent CMN men’s events in St. Petersburg, leaders gathered to commit to raising up a new generation of Godly men across that country.

War is terrible. The results are tragic. But in the midst of conflict, we learn to trust God.

Never Quit is a heart-encouraging word at exactly the right time. 

Thanks to John Grunewald and the team at Rhema in Europe and in Ukraine for working diligently to make this happen. The Kingdom increases as we all work together, and Rhema has been great friends for many years.

Thank you to friends who are partnering with CMN in the Dangerous Nations campaign – we are seeing results, and the blessing of the Lord is on the work.

Directed by the Holy Spirit, we are training and reaching leaders, pastors, and men in the most desperate parts of the world. Equipping the underground church and sustaining the persecuted church.

When we rescue a man, we are defeating fatherlessness, rebuilding families, and engaging the most fundamental works of the Gospel – to care for the afflicted in their need and to keep our hearts uncontaminated by the world. 

Never Quit will lift Jesus up in the most difficult part of the world.