TONIGHT! Build Spiritual Endurance! Grit, Tenacity, and Faith!

TONIGHT! Build Spiritual Endurance! Grit, Tenacity, and Faith!
Join Dr. Paul Louis Cole, Christian Men’s Network President, October 9-10, 2020 in Fernley, Nevada, at “Joy! Church” for the Fernley Regional Grit Men’s Summit, featuring Otto Kelly, NCAA MVP/NFL, Performance Coach and Dad-E Academy/Network Mentor!
“Wired into your God-given DNA are the attributes of grit, resilience, perseverance, and tenacity.These are not emotions or feelings. These are high-octane forces built into your core. We’re living in a season of dynamic change. On every side, there are loud voices raised against righteousness, against the family and against faith. There is a spirit loosed in the earth that desires to destroy the family – to demolish the foundations of faith that truly set men free. It is an ever-increasing crescendo of battle – and the stakes have never been greater. The next generation hangs in the balance. It is a fight. But you were made for this.

God has built into you undeniable characteristics to carry you, your family, your church, and your community through storms like this. This event will encourage you, build you and propel you to greater levels of power. Join me just outside Reno in Fernley, Nevada... I believe it will transform the lives of every man ... I’m expecting new dads... New Husbands, New Sons, to come out the other side of this conference.That’s why we are gathering October 9-10, 2020 in Fernley, Nevada, at Joy! Church for the Grit Men’s Summit!
Register now, seating is limited. Invite your friends on social media, and tell everyone you know about this transforming time for men... All the information you need is below. It is time to stand together with other men and build some spiritual muscle, and arm ourselves for the battle the enemy has unleashed against our manhood! We need you there!  GET THE WORD OUT!” Dr. Paul Louis Cole, President Christian Men’s Network.

High Impact Leadership and speakers include:
Otto Kelly –  Executive Director, Reno NV Crisis Pregnancy Center, Dad-E Academy Founder/Mentor, University of Nevada Reno, Wolfpack Football Hall of Fame, Top-10 Running Backs; NFL Chiefs/Eagles; Community Awards include the 2018 Northern Nevada Black Cultural Awareness Society Community service award; Global Motivational Speaker; CMN Commissioned Man.
Paul Louis Cole – President. Christian Men’s Network; Founder, Global Fatherhood Initiative; Author, Life Counselor. Masculinity Navigator.

Wes Brown - Christian Men's Alliance, Northern Nevada/Fernley; Maintenance Supervisor, Minerals Plant for processing mining ore; CMN Commissioned Man.

John Poundstone - Senior Leader, Joy! Church; Men's Summit Host; Executive Leadership in Business, Government, & Ministry; Board of Directors for international, national
and regional non-profits; CMN Commissioned Man.

and other special guests to be announced