Today's fatherless crisis could actually grow a church

Today's fatherless crisis could actually grow a church
The largest crisis in America — and in every nation — may actually be the catalyst that grows a church and a ministry to men. You may want to help  solve the crisis by forwarding this FREE resource to every men's leader and pastor you know.

National headlines last week echoed what we've been saying for many years. Fatherlessness is the curse of our day. It is a national crisis.

But, this crisis could be the way a men's group and local church grow.

We know that men are feeling the effects of the pandemic, politics and general societal upheaval ... and that men don't change until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing.

Numerous churches and men's groups are growing because they've gone back to the basics of word, prayer and brotherhood with great intensity.

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The Majoring in Men Foundations online men's ministry expansion course is now considered one of the most in-depth, easy to follow tools to grow a ministry to men and build a strong church.

Reaching men and growing the local church is why we invested tens of thousands of dollars into developing Majoring In Men Foundations. This online course provides pastors and leaders with everything you need to build a robust ministry to men that is reproducible, measurable, and sustainable.

Building strong men and strong families will change the future of the church - and the future of nations. 

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