Today We Need Heroes--Men Who Do The Right Thing!

Today We Need Heroes--Men Who Do The Right Thing!

These are men who do the work. It’s our legacy, yours and mine. We are men of faith, courage, and action. We are the men who do not flinch in the face of adversity but face the troubles in our culture head-on.

You'll be with these heroes and many more at It’s November 8, 9, 10 in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, a fantastic location just down the road from Dallas. Look at who you’ll be with!

Robert Barriger – a Southern California surfer got saved and asked, “What’s the hardest thing I can do for Jesus?” His mentor said, “Be a missionary.” He and Karyn packed up their two small children and moved to Peru permanently where they built a massive church and a powerful CMN ministry. They have commissioned hundreds of men, tens of thousands throughout South America have been mentored through Maximized Manhood, and churches are filling with strong men.

Eddy Leo – an Indonesian architect who founded a church with his two best friends when their Bible study would not stop growing after college. Now with 1600 active cell groups and a vibrant CMN ministry, he has mentored over 600,000 men nationwide and established men's training centers in key cities. Since Eddy founded “Abba Love” 27 years ago, the Christian population of Indonesia has exploded from 4% to over 30%!

Jorge Nishimura – a Christian industrialist asked what more he could do for Christ, and found a mentoring ministry that now includes CMN. In just 8 years, he has built CMN into the fastest growing men's ministry in Brazil, with thousands of churches participating and over 40,000 men trained. CMN Brazil is projecting they’ll reach 100,000 men by the end of next year.

Meet these great men at and many more just like them.

Brother, I need you to help build the initiatives that together we’ve launched so successfully. If there ever was a time when I needed you with me, it’s now. Please come. I’ll see you there.