This Was Amazing, You’ll Want To Watch It

This Was Amazing, You’ll Want To Watch It
Everyone said "What does Stalwart mean?" And then everyone found out....

At the Global Summit last week in Dallas, one of the business success speakers, Keith Holden, said, "Stalwart means loyal, constant support to a person or a cause. People can count on you because you're reliable, hardworking. You do all you can to encourage and contribute using wisdom, knowledge, and fortitude."

After three days under a fountain of wisdom and instruction from speaker after speaker, one of our young men texted, "Stalwart is the theme of my life. I loved the prayerful approach in each session, love the community."

Each speaker nailed a different aspect of Christian masculinity. Being stalwart to our families, tithing faithfully, paying attention to our health, never giving up, pursuing our dreams in our lives, our ministries, our careers. 

And if you weren't there with us, the best part is--you didn't miss it! It's all going up on
Over the next few weeks, you can watch every message, glean every bit of knowledge. Some videos you'll watch again and again. 
Join the brotherhood of CMN today by joining You'll receive the benefit of all these lessons while supporting the missions outreaches to more than 100 nations.

It's going to be great to watch the messages. An even greater experience is being there. Next year's Summit is November 5-7, 2020. Put that on your calendar right NOW. We'll see you then!