This movie is worth your time!

This movie is worth your time!
When the first news reports hit in January of 1999, my heart fell onto the floor and broke into a thousand pieces. I was bludgeoned by the pictures and the story. And now, it's coming to the screen on February 1.
A man and his two little boys, Philip and Timothy, had become true heroes of faith. From that first report in 1999 to today, I have watched as this man's wife Gladys built a powerful charity that loves on the people of India. 
This is one of the most inspirational and powerful stories I've ever heard. It is the dramatic story of love, sacrifice, forgiveness and redemption.
At CMN we are so very thankful for the filmmakers that have pursued at great cost the telling of this amazing story. Please take everyone you know to this stunning movie. 
Take the time, impact your community.