For forty days, every morning and every afternoon, a drunk giant screamed curses at a king and his army. Not one man in that band of warriors was willing to tell him to shut up.

Forty days! Parading in front of a battle-hardened army of thousands of men…and the entire army was intimidated. The giant would shout, “Give me a man, that we may fight!” Then he’d bellow his insulting question: “IS THERE NOT A MAN THAT WILL STAND AND FIGHT?”
Israel’s army sat under heaped insults until the day a young teen, David, showed up bringing food for his warrior brothers. The king, Saul, was an immoral poser. He was a king by position, but a coward in heart.
Your private philosophy—what you believe in your heart—will always show up in times of pressure. For forty days, King Saul stayed in his tent, a captive to his compromised character.
Our world is declaring today: “We will be bold in the expression of ungodliness! Who will stand and fight us?” It is thrown at us as Christ-followers every day. In the media, music, business, government—they are screaming giants every one. Who will stand against this? You and I must answer like David did!
David was a young man who lived in the presence of God. He was the youngest of eight boys, sons of a shepherd dad. His father favored the others. He didn’t have much faith in David.
Yet even in the hurt of his father’s disregard, David spent hours and days and weeks and months in the presence of God as he stood in the fields watching the family’s flocks. In his daily communion with God, David wrote and sang inspired worship songs to God. He grew strong. His heart filled with courage. He killed a lion and a bear that attacked the sheep. If God were for him, who could be against him?
David arrived at the scene of battle to find his brothers depressed, the entire army demoralized. But David was full of the power of God, strong in the Lord’s presence, overflowing with the confidence that comes from knowing his Lord intimately.
The drunk giant? That was Goliath. It’s fairly certain he had been imbibing. When the ruins of his hometown, Gath, were excavated a few years ago, all the anthropologists could find of the culture was beer mugs and beer stills. That was it. No art, no poems, no great buildings. Just beer—and apparently lots of it. That’s where Goliath was from…
David’s brothers told him about Goliath before David saw him. In an instant, David rose up, “Why don’t we just go kill him!!” His brothers said, “You don’t understand. This is just the way it is.”
David had another idea, one from God, that said, “This is NOT just the way it is.” That is the same spirit that you and I must have to be men, real men, in a culture that fights our Christian faith. We need to stand up to today’s bellowing giants.
When others say, “76% of boys are born into families without fathers,” or “55% of men dabble with pornography,” it’s our time to say, “This is NOT just the way it is. I’m going to KILL THE GIANTS in my life, in my church, in my community!”
We’re weeks into the new year, but nothing is really new if everything has remained the same. It’s never too late to make a fresh start. Renew your decision to fight today.
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I’m fighting for you and with you, praying for God’s own Spirit to rise up inside you, strengthen you, and give you the courage to say “YES” to God, and to the giants, bellow a resounding, “NO!”