The Power of Holy Ambition by Jon Tyson



Holy redeemed ambition is a gift.

God doesn't want to anoint worldly ambition, a bunch of men building kingdoms of selves who dishonor God with their influence. God wants humble men with holy ambition leveraged together to build the kingdom of heaven on earth.

This is the way of Jesus. Jesus was wholly ambitious, embodied.

When Jesus was in heaven, and He looked at the world in all of its sin, He didn’t say not my people, not my problem. Jesus looked over the throne of glory to the broken humanity, and He said, it's not my fault, but it's my responsibility.

Jesus had a kingdom vision bigger than the horizons of His own concern. And Jesus took radical action. God incarnate coming under the human story, getting right what Adam got wrong, living a perfect life, dying a sacrificial death, rising again in victory.

And what happened when Jesus' holy ambition was accomplished?

Divine acceleration. Jesus did in a moment on the cross what we never could have done in billions of lifetimes of human righteousness.

And so the goal is not to get rid of your ambition.

The goal is to redeem your ambition.

The goal is to get a kingdom vision.

The goal is to let your heart break until you can't take it anymore.

And then your goal is to take radical action, not small amounts of action. We need a generation of men with holy ambition.

Lift your eyes, open your heart, begin to act.


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